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Aeolos Hotel is located in Skopelos Town – one of the most beautiful islands of Aegean – ensuring unforgettable holidays with upgraded services. Its premier location allows you to enjoy the facilities of the hotel and at the same time relaxation in a natural landscape.

Everything you should know

The old town is only 650m away where you can discover the snow-white trails and all the local Skopelos products. Modern hotel facilities provide 63 fully equipped rooms and suites, which offer comfort in a sophisticated environment. The elegance of the rooms and the distinctive traditional style of interior spaces compose a pleasant and welcoming summer environment. Both the quality amenities of the hotel and the Mediterranean climate of the island is enough to give you a restful stay. The euriched breakfast is offered in a special hall connecting the interior environment of the hotel with panoramic views from the terrace.

The outdoor pool, the poolbar, the Fitness Roof and the small playground are available for exercise or relaxation. The short route to the town of Skopelos follows the coastline and leads to the main harbour. A variety of shops, restaurants, taverns and bars make up the busiest part of the island. Excursions to the nearby monasteries and the island’s beaches are among the most interesting activities, crossing wooded areas and overlooking the Aegean Sea from above. Visiting the traditional villages and the monuments of the island, ideally complete the daily schedule of holidays.

Aeolos Hotel

In one of the most beneficial location of Skopelos, Aeolos Hotel welcomes its customers providing continual upgraded services. Overseeing the beautiful port of the old town, offers moments of relaxation in a well-known for its hospitality environment, in front of the Aegean Sea.

Aeolos Hotel is located in Skopelos Town close to the port and next to the archeological area of “Asklipieio”. It features 61 comfortable rooms and 2 suites, most of which are giving you the opportunity to stare towards the beautiful Aegean sea. The excellent location allows you to take advantage of the great hotel’s facilities, enjoying the scenery and having direct access to the shops and restaurants of the port. Nearby are also car rental agencies, the central bus station and the taxi station.

From the main road in front of the hotel you can easily the monasteries of the surrounding area as well as a tour in the snow-white trails of the Town is equally enjoyable. Travellers frequently visit the beautiful monasteries to explore important byzantine relics. The Monastery of Evangelistria standing on the slopes on the opposite side of the town, is a usual destination for walkers.

The beaches are also excellent attractions with rare natural beauty and crystal clear waters. Some of the nearest beaches are Stafylos, Agnontas and Limnonari each one with unique beauty. The refreshing dive in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea is wonderfully combined with th fresh seafoods of the restaurants by the sea.


Here in Aeolos Hotel we welcome you with a “welcome” drink at your room. The quiet environment and the view from the balcony will offer you the first relaxing moments of your vacation.

The area of the Aeolos Hotel’s poolside with background the scenic old town and the port of Skopelos is available for weddings, parties, shows and other events.

For more information, please call on +3024240 22233.

After your arrival at the Athens International Airport there are several options for your fast and safe transition to Skopelos island. We suggest you to visit some of these travel agents in order to plan your trip to Skopelos.

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